Angler Given Last Bites

Anglers Use Fishing Buddy’s Ashes as Bait to Catch 180-Pound Carp
By Robert Deen

Two British anglers honored their departed fishing buddy by mixing his ashes into dough ball baits, which they used to catch a 180-pound carp in Thailand.

Ron Hopper, 64, succumbed to cancer shortly before a planned fishing trip to Thailand with friends Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale. Hopper agreed to the plan on his deathbed, according to The Telegraph, a British newspaper.

Fairbrass and Dale named the dough balls “Purple Ronnie”.

In Thailand the pair used the Purple Ronnies to hook the monster Siamese carp, which took them three hours to land. They released it.

“We were gutted that Ron couldn’t come on the trip because he was really looking forward to it, but he was definitely with us when we caught that fish,” said Fairbrass. It seemed like it was destiny we would use Ronnie to catch one of the biggest fish in the lake. It’s what he would have wanted.”

“I am not a religious person but it felt spiritual, it felt like Ron was there with us,” added Dale.

The three fishing buddies had enjoyed a previous trip together to Thailand and were planning a repeat. Then Hopper fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor gave him just weeks to live.

“A few days before he died,” said Fairbrass, “he asked us to take his ashes to Thailand and scatter them around the lake because he had really happy memories of the place. I told him we would go one better than that and turn him into boilies and catch a big fish with them. He just cracked up and said it was a brilliant idea.”

The world record for a Siamese carp is 134 lbs. but the International Game Fishing Association stopped listing them several years ago as they come from protected waters.

It is believed to be the first time that particular carp has been caught and it will now be nicknamed “Ronnie” in honor of the departed angler.

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(Purple Ronnie boilie balls)

Angler Given Last Bites


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