Mystery of the Incredible Shrinking Halibut

by Robert Deen for Anglers Club Magazine It’s a troubling mystery. Why are Pacific Halibut getting so much smaller? Halibut weigh about a third of what they did 30 years ago, scientists say. In Alaska’s major port areas, including Homer, Seward, Kodiak, Ninilchik and Whittier, the average size of an 18-year-old female halibut has declined … More Mystery of the Incredible Shrinking Halibut

Facebook Suppressing Gun Related Posts

Robert Deen, Will Facebook punish us for telling you the truth? Could be, accordingly to a coalition of firearms-related organizations that claim the social media site is actively suppressing their posts. The coalition– which includes Concealed Nation, The Truth About Guns, Gun Owners of America, USA Carry and Alien Gear Holsters – says Facebook … More Facebook Suppressing Gun Related Posts

Lionfish Fillets — Hold the Poisonous Spines

Lionfish are anathema in Florida — an invasive species that feast on native fish and shellfish.  They have no natural predators and swarm all over the state’s warm coastal waters.  That’s the bad news. The good news? Whole Foods stores in Florida just started selling Lionfish fillets — a “white, buttery meat” – minus the … More Lionfish Fillets — Hold the Poisonous Spines