$4.5 Million for Pistols Made from Meteor

Would you pay $4.5 million for a set of 1911 style semi-automatic pistols made from a 4.5 billion year old meteor?

Introduced as “The Big Bang Pistol Set”, that would be the highest p
rice ever paid for a set of firearms.Meteor Pistols

With the exception of a steel barrel, every piece of the firearms is made from meteor material.

“We wanted to raise the bar again,” says Cabot founder and President Rob Bianchin, “The pistol set is a modern work of functional art and the ultimate set of luxury guns.”  The out-of-this-world pistol set consists twin right and left handed 1911 style semi-automatic 45’s.  Cabot previously introduced pistol grips constructed from meteorite (Cosmos 1911), but the idea of constructing a complete set of guns from a meteor was unprecedented.

4.5 Billion Years Old

Cabot Guns, an American company, built the pistols from a 35 kg portion of the prized Gibeon meteor — obtained from famed meteor hunter and expert Robert Haag. The meteor was first discovered in the sub-Saharan part of Africa now known as Namibia in 1838, and is believed to have landed on Earth during pre-historic times.

“Craftsman and meteorite collectors have long-prized the Gibeon meteorite for the beauty of its Widmanstatten crystalline pattern,” said Bianchin. “Luxury goods companies have used it to make watch faces, jewelry and other artistic objects. This is the first time anyone’s ever made a functioning mechanical device out of the material.”

Billions of Years in Space

“It’s both romantic and fascinating to imagine that this meteor traveled across the heavens for four billion years before landing on Earth and is now being transformed into Cabot pistols,” said Bianchin.

The pistol set was unveiled at the NRA annual meeting and convention in Louisville, Kentucky during May.

Prized meteor such as the Gibeon is sought out by collectors and traded by the gram.  The scale and use of the material to this extent of making a high precision functional firearm had never been attempted. Meteorite is hardly an optimum material for firearms, so numerous technical matters have been overcome to construct the pistols using advanced aerospace techniques to make the pistols fully functional.

Cabot Guns used X-ray photography, 3-D modeling, CAD-CAM design, aerospace construction techniques, electron-beam technology, and endless hours of careful craftsmanship to create two matching (left and right handed) out-of-this-world specimens based on John Moses Browning’s legendary 1911-style pistol design.

“We test-fired both guns at our Indiana facility,” Bianchin reveals. “It was even more nerve-racking than the first time we cut through the meteor. But they shot. Everything worked exactly as it should.”

What is price for perfection? “We’re listing them at $4,500,000,” Bianchin says, “which is the current record for the most expensive firearms ever sold. Worth every penny.”

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